Bestselling author ML Yost made a smashing debut with Conflict of Intrigues: The Marylebone Intersection in 2022. Fortified by a family tree that includes Jane Austen, Ian Fleming, and Stephen King, Yost pivoted from years of publishing corporate leadership content to boldly grasp the pen of fiction. Inspired by a multi-generational legacy of political and military service, this history and genealogy hobbyist of British–Irish heritage felt called to pay homage to that legacy in the inception of the Intersection Saga—a series of UK-based historical-fiction spy novels, which now continues with, Desert Storm Warning: The Dubai Intersection (release date June 6, 2023). 

A quick Kindle bestseller in 2022, Conflict of Intrigues was the inaugural novel in the tri-trilogy Intersection Saga—a ripped-from-the-headlines epic that introduces the intertwining interests of five families of unconventional spies who cross four continents to engage in three historical military conflicts while guarding countless secrets of international and personal intrigue. 

Prior to joining the ranks of professional fiction authors, Yost enjoyed a successful corporate career where the rooted bent for writing was leveraged to develop marketing strategies and draft press releases, then later to ghost-write executive communications and speeches. In addition to serving as Executive Editor for two national publications, ML Yost also authored a monthly column of management and leadership articles (Managing Management) in a national professional association magazine with a readership of more than 23,000. Hailed as "top rated content" for emerging managers and future business leaders, many Managing Management articles have been reprinted in other national publications, quoted by world-wide media, referenced in online law lexicons, and referenced in university ethics research journals. 

In 2021, Quondam Publishing—an independent hybrid firm in the Washington, DC area—was first to catch the vision behind Yost’s Intersection series, providing critical backing for the project. In 2022, Yost further partnered with Paper Raven Books to help bring the first trilogy of the series to readers worldwide. 

To learn about the series, visit INTERSECTIONSAGA.COM or go to AUTHORMLYOST.COM for more insight about the author’s work.